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Always well-connected on the subject of communication: Elomech.

Communication can easily be defined: as the exchange or transmission of messages and information. However, dealing with these messages and information is often much more difficult. Especially if it needs to be securely and efficiently distributed across buildings and companies.



Data security and efficiency in all areas of communications technology. 

Individual solutions in the segment of modern communication technology are not only safe and effective, but self-evident with the ELOMECH-Group. This is ensured by our highly qualified and highly motivated employees. With a great deal of commitment and a great deal of passion, they offer our clients the entire range of communications technology from a single source.


Starting with expert advice, detailed planning and the stable set-up of fixed and mobile networks, including all services for telephone, ISDN and DSL systems, you can also use the ELOMECH-Group to cover all modern telecommunications and monitoring systems such as overall sound and intercom systems and systems for searching for people within buildings. The highest quality, the highest levels of security, and maximum efficiency are standard for every single project. It is anything but standard procedure that all components are specifically and individually selected and taken into account for your project.



Our ​​telecommunications engineering services:


  • Consulting, planning and installation
  • Maintenance and service
  • Fixed and mobile networks
  • Surveillance and intercom systems


With the appropriate choice, planning and installation for targeted cost savings, increase in security and communication in combination with a comprehensive and individually aligned service concept, the ELOMECH-Group offers a great deal and guarantees one thing: the safe and efficient handling of important and to some extent highly sensitive data.


Solutions in the field of communications technology are offered by:

Sicherheitstechnik der ELOMECH Elektroanlagen GmbH

ELOMECH Elektroanlagen GmbH

Individual solutions in the modern communication technology segment are not only safe and effective, but also self-evident with Elomech electrical systems. From planning through installation to maintenance.



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