Young Professionals Werkstudenten der Elomech-Gruppe

Our job opportunities within the ELOMECH-Group: Young professionals wanted!

The ELOMECH-Group is especially promoting and looking for young specialists or those who want to become one. We support working students for initial experiences.

Creating big things together

Career opportunities in the ELOMECH-Group 

Offene Stellen der Elomech-Gruppe

For all those like us, who wish to accomplish much: vacancies.Those who have taken on much and wish to achieve even more, have come to the right place. Since we have great plans for the future. The best path together with you. Discover here what vacancies are available at the moment.


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Take the initiative now.Should we currently not have any vacancies for your area of work, please do not hesitate to take the initiative and apply here and now. There may perhaps be the possibility of cooperation in the near future?


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Fachkräfte der Elomech-Gruppe

Experienced but still inquisitive?You have been doing your job for several years now, and you have experience and expertise in your special area – and you are always interested in new, exciting tasks? Then you will have many chances and career opportunities with us.


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Ausbildung bei der Elomech-Gruppe

Get in and get going: with an apprenticeship with us.Regardless of whether you work with your head or with your hands, having an education with us will be the right thing for you either way. Because within the ELOMECH Group, we offer education in various professions and are always looking for committed talents.


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Werkstudenten der Elomech-Gruppe

Working or studying? Both are possible with us - as a working student!Theory and practice have always been very closely interlinked with us. That is why we have been supporting working students for many years in collecting their first professional experience in addition to their studies and facilitating their way into professional life.


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Minijobs der Elomech-Gruppe

Achieve much in a short time: mini jobs.If you are not looking for a full-time job, but still want to be a professional, then a mini job may be just the right thing for you. Here, you can find out how we can help you achieve high goals in less time.


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