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All vacancies for trainees:


We take over our trainees! 

Team workers, inventors and technology enthusiasts, family people, young guns, manual and brain workers: The ELOMECH-Group is full of opportunities! As an electrical engineering company operating throughout Europe, we are always looking for talents. We train young people and also provide career opportunities for career changers. Since we are especially family-friendly, we are at the forefront when it comes to regional employability. It is important to us that our teams work well together and that all trainees really learn something: because then success will come about on its own and it will be real fun to work. 



Moreover, this is what we offer our trainees as benefits:

  • We pay well and punctually.         
  • Participation in company profits.         
  • We have capital-forming benefits.         
  • We pay Christmas bonuses.         
  • You will have many options as to working time flexibility.         
  • We have a summer festival for employees and their families.         
  • For employees, a Christmas party.         
  • We provide regular information through our employee magazine "ELOWelt".         
  • We reward the exemplary handling of work safety and health and offer a company pension.         
  • We reward employees for their submitted ideas.       
  • Employees can recruit new employees and can look forward to a bonus.
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Simply ask us: We will be glad to help.You would (perhaps?) like to apply to us, and have a question about the conditions, are unsure, ... for whatever reason: Do not hesitate to contact us:


Human resources representative Stephanie Hegendorf
Postage: Mainstr. 21, 45478 Mülheim an der Ruhr
T. +49 (0)208 58 87 276